Agricultural Technology

Crop Specific Biochemistry


Elevated Experts is able to provide an entire spectrum of organic based plant growth supplements that will change your entire approach to growing crop, increasing yield and lowering cost!

Temp/ Permanent Structures


Elevated Experts is able to erect structures to meet any of your growing needs rapidly.

Extremely Efficient

Able to be made self sustainable

Custom Built

LED Lighting

Light Install

Elevated Experts provide and install LED Grow lights fully controllable from your phone or tablet.

CO2 Supercritical Extraction


Quality Hemp

EE has partnered with a network of Farmers with over 20,000 acres of  Hemp grown from the most quality seeds available.


Supercritical Extraction

Our state of the art Extraction Machines handle Bio Mass at an incredible rate allowing us to meet the demand of our customers.



EE's skilled Extractors produce the cleanest and purest oils on the market.